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Say Watt

Say Watt

Project developed by
Ida Louise Andersen
Sunniva Grolid
Marthe Waagbø Solli

Could we inspire people to contribute to a healthier environment through physical activity?

We chose to tackle two well-known social problems; Inactivity and environmental pollution. We wanted to communicate solutions to these issues in a positive and engaging way.   

WATT is the campaigns valuta. To motivate people to exercise more, we made a system, where you can buy limited edition shoes for the WATT you have produced. So, the more you exercise before the marathon, the nicer shoes you get, the more likely you win the run. Win, win situation.

Diploma in Digital Design

Jury comment
A very well thought out and excellent communicated service concept, which conveys a unified and distinctive brand, packaging design, merchandise, digital communication avenues and language direction.

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